Conifer fell- 1,000 yr old Church

This multi-stemmed conifer had declined rapidly over the past year and the Parish Council of Worth Church (Crawley) took the decision to fell the tree and called us in. The Church is 1,000 years old and a very special place for the public and church goers alike.
The tree was a tricky dismantle, all four main trunks were incredibly spindly and two of the trunks were too compromised to take a climbers full body weight due to there excessive lean and the chance of breaking onto tens of thousands of pounds worth of gravestones.
The job involved some pre-planning and thought how best to tackle the tree to bring it down safely.
Firstly we decided to strip the two healthiest trunks. We then anchored into the two healthiest trunks by stripping them and strapping them together. We also applied a five tonne ratchet strap to the base of the unions of the stems to give some extra support. We then stripped up as far as we could on the the two compromised limbs until we could feel the trunk was at its limit. We then lowered the tops out using the two healthy limbs as anchor. As individual trunks the two healthiest limbs were still too spindly to lower off but by spreading the weight between two they created a strong anchor point for lowering.
The job was completed safely with all the tree being carefully lowered to the ground to protect the gravestones beneath. The Church were very thankful for our careful work ethos to protect an area that is very special to a great number of people and we were pleased to engage in a job that involved some thought and planning.