Garden Tips For July

The summer is the time that all the hard work pays off and the garden can be enjoyed. But if your fingers are itching, here are a few things to watch out for.

Some perennials will be fading now, so feel free to cut back and keep things looking fresh. Any deadheads can be removed.

If you don’t want dandelions to multiply next year, catch the seedheads before they release their load. This can save a lot of work in the spring.

If you need to water your plants, do it in the evening just before sunset. The water then gets a chance to soak into the soil. Watering during the heat of the day is futile, as the water evaporates before the plants see any benefit.

This being Britain, wind and rain can still turn up in July. So make sure that any large climbing plants have enough support to withstand a summer storm.

Attention is focused on the magnolia tree in the spring when the magnificent display of flowers appears. The summer is a good time for any pruning that might be required. Don’t prune before the tree flowers!

Enjoy your summer in the garden. You deserve it.