Tree Surgery in Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill is a short drive from our base in Horsted Keynes and so we regularly find ourselves doing tree surgery in Burgess Hill.

We can help with tree surgery (trimming and making safe), tree felling (when it’s just got to come down) and stump grinding to get rid of the unsightly remains and clear the site.

What is Tree Surgery?

The main task of the tree surgeon is to keep a tree healthy. Just like a human or other animal, a tree usually looks after itself. It does not any input from us to remain healthy. However there will be times when intervention by the tree surgeon can be beneficial.

Should part of the tree die or become diseased, removing it can help save the rest of the tree. If part of the tree is lost to damage (by wind or lightning), trimming and rebalancing the tree can help it recover and continue to be healthy.

If the tree becomes too big and starts to become a nuisance, selective trimming and crown reduction can make it lot easier to live with.

We like trees! If as tree surgeons we can save a tree, help it to flourish and become a better neighbour, we feel we have done good work.

But sometimes the tree will have to come down. If it is too badly damaged or diseased. If the root structure has failed, or if the tree has reached the end of it’s life. If that is the case we can safely take down the tree and remove it from site with minimal impact on the surroundings. We don’t saw through the base and shout “timber”! The tree is dismantled from the top and removed section by section. If you want us to remove the stump, we can do that too.

If you have concerns about your trees, get in touch with us. We are always to advise and will quote you a price up front for any work which is needed.

Contact us on 01825 791979 for help looking after your trees.