Tree Surgery in Uckfield

If you need help with tree surgery in Uckfield or the surrounding areas, please get in touch on 01825 791979 and we will be pleased to advise and quote you a price.

Thoughts about pruning trees

Generally speaking, a tree does not need any intervention to remain healthy. This is exactly the same as for human and other animals. If we have the nutrition and other conditions we need for health, we will be healthy. But of course sometimes things go wrong, disease or damage happen and intervention is required. It may seem tempting to trim a tree yourself, but knowledge and skill are required.

A tree lives by drawing carbon dioxide from the air and nutrients and water from the ground. So cutting or damaging either the root structure or the branches and leaves can have a considerable affect on the tree’s well being. Small branches can be cut back with little impact but it’s very important to consider the implications of removing large branches. Will the removal unbalance the tree making it unstable? What about the wound? What will be the affect of losing that amount of foliage? A trained tree surgeon will be able to weigh all these factors up.

Access to the higher parts of the tree needs careful thought. Tree surgeons are trained to climb trees safely and have special equipment to do so. We would not recommend that an untrained person climbs high into a tree to carry out trimming work. Please remember that climbing trees and using saws, especially chain saws, is potentially dangerous. It is worth remembering that when Hurrican Francis swept through Florida in 2004, it killed 5 people. But another 25 were killed during the clean up through chain saw accidents and being crushed by trees!

Tree surgeons are trained to care for trees and keep them healthy. It’s not just about cutting them down. If you would like advice on how to deal with your trees, call us on 01825 791979

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