Oak Reduction- Crawley

The specification of this job was to reduce the Oak, by approximately 15-20% and to remove the lower epicormic growth.

The tree was situated at the rear of a Property, with the canopy spreading over 6 gardens including 2 sheds, a greenhouse and several fences. Communication between the climber and groundsmen was paramount in preventing any damage in such a confined drop zone.

The purpose of the reduction was to reduce the impact the tree was having on not only the clients garden but also the neighbouring properties. The clients love the tree but also appreciate that it does take a lot of the light away from their garden and their neighbours so with our advice they agreed to a light reduction to increase sunlight around the tree.




The customer was very pleased with the results as were the neighbours and we were pleased to retain a beautiful tree while also keeping a natural shape and as much foliage as possible for the health of the tree, by listening to the customer requirements and working out a plan to suit both the tree and the customers.