The Garden in June

We tend to think of June as a summer month, yet by some measures, summer does not begin until 21st June, the longest day. Whilst gloriously hot days do happen, June is typically a month of mixed weather, those hot days interspersed with very wet days. Think back to rained off days at Wimbledon!

So the garden is in transition, shifting from the fierce growth of spring to the abundance of summer.

If you have been observing No Mow May, consider reclaiming part of your lawn. If you have a beautiful show of wildflowers, why not leave them longer and just mow the parts of the lawn you need for relaxing. Few things are as beautiful as a carpet of wildflowers and they are really helping wildlife.

Tall perennials like hollyhocks and delphiniums may need some support, especially if they are vulnerable to wind. A cane pushed firmly into the soil next to the plant provides discreet support.

Climbers like rambling roses might be sagging under the weight of new growth. Get them tied up so that they will look their best for the summer months.

There’s still time to plant bedding plants in pots and borders. New planting needs plenty of water to get established. The best time to water is in the evening, so the water has time to soak deep into the soil or compost.

Fledglings should have flown the nest by now, so hedges can be trimmed. Greyhound are experts at hedge trimming and have all the equipment to do the work safely and well. Quotes are free!

If you have recently planted any new trees or shrubs, don’t let them go thirsty. It will take months for the network of roots to grow down into the permanently damp soil. Whilst that happens, make sure they are regularly watered to keep them healthy.

Have a great month in the garden!