Tree Surgery

Tree surgery in Haywards Heath, East  Grinstead, Burgess Hill and Lewes

Our business is caring for trees. We do all we can to ensure that the trees we work with have long healthy lives. Usually this means regular checks and the removal of dead or diseased branches. But sometimes a more radical approach is needed. Tree surgery is not just cutting down trees. It is the skilled application of tree care techniques to ensure the good health of the tree.  Felling is absolutely the final option.

We offer the fruits of our years of experience and professional training to our customers to help them decide on the best course of action.

We understand that our clients can have emotional and sentimental attachments to trees that are exceptionally special to them. We will always spend time discussing the best way to manage their trees. We want the trees in our care to thrive and be a source of pleasure to our clients for many, many years.

Diseases: We can identify pests and diseases and offer solutions.

Old Trees: Veteran trees require extra care and we can help manage these needs.

Pruning: Careful pruning can help control the impact that a tree makes on its environment.

Planting: Understanding how a tree will grow and mature is important. We can help.

Stump grinding: If a tree is being removed, this leaves a stump. If you want this removed as well we are are equipped with a stump grinder.

Tree surgery in Haywards Heath, East  Grinstead, Burgess Hill and Lewes

Our Tree Surgeons are fully trained, fully insured and experienced giving us the ability to undertake the work in a safe and efficient manner.

Tree surgery can be dangerous work and we strongly advise against people doing it themselves as there are many varied risks. Our approach is safe but efficient and we continually please customers with our exceptional safety record and work standard.

Trimming or felling trees generates an enormous amount of waste. We remove all waste from site and are licenced by the local authority to dispose of it in a sustainable way.